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Whose Blog is This?

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I’m Rick Gauger, a writer of Science Fiction, a Cartoonist, and Vietnam Veteran. I wrote the science fiction novel, Charon’s Ark. I was born in 1942. Britt Griswold is my friend, whom I met when he was a teenager in the Annapolis, Maryland, area sometime around 1975. I aged and Britt grew up. When I began to write in 1980, Britt took an interest. When such things became possible, he created this blog for me. Then he urged and urged me to come out of my hole and show off my works on the blog. I finally began doing so in 2009. Britt has stuck with me during my decades of depression, constantly encouraging me. No one ever had a better friend.

The Vacuum-Packed Picnic

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Rick Gauger ©1987, 2009
   As she approached my table across the pilots’ crowded ready room with her teacup in her hand, I felt an urge coming over me. I had an urge to bite her on the smooth, ivory neck, which emerged from the heavy aluminum collar ring of her close-fitting pilot’s vacuum suit. Maybe it was the way she jangled all those pockets, tubes, clipboards, and electronic terminals as she made her way through the mob toward me. The typical space pilot’s swagger-but female. Maybe it was the merry brown eyes and the humorous twist of her lips as she sat down in front of me.
   “You’re Captain Suarez, aren’t you?”
   “Yeah. My friends call me—”
   “Pancho. Right?”
   “Right. I hope you’re one of my friends,” I said, my figurative tail wagging furiously. Worst case of vibes I’d ever had. It seemed to be mutual. She studied me amusedly while her tea cooled.

First Published SF Story

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If I’m not mistaken, “The Vacuum-Packed Picnic” was the first one of my stories to get printed, even though “Hotwire” was sold first. I offered it to Analog first, but they didn’t want it. Imagine my thrill whenOmni bought it in April 1979! Me, a nobody, published in Omni!  And they paid me $900, a large sum in those days.  My original title was No Picnic, which I still think is better, but Omni wanted it their way. I got a highly flattering letter from a reader. Readers, if you read something you like, please send a note saying so to the author. The writer’s life is often depressing and lonely, and they need all the support we can give. Terry Carr bought it to reprint in Best Science Fiction of the Year 1979.  All this was healing for my self-esteem, which was at rock-bottom after seven years of futile efforts to start a new career.

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