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A Charon’s Ark Teaser Trailer – A YouTube Invention

YouTube makes Movie Vaporware the new everyman’s tribute for Cult followings. However my friend Eliott Glasser is not just any man! Here again is the wonderful little preview he made a while back of the movie that will never be made from my novel Charon’s Ark. Thank you Eliott, may you become famous and rich.

For anyone who is curious, this video refers to the novel Charon’s Ark, which you can get from Amazon.com. It’s a science fiction adventure about a bunch of high school students whose airliner is hijacked by aliens.

Still gets me all choked up.

Charon’s Ark Teaser Trailer

Charon’s Ark Trilogy Goes Digital

Balzac said that there’s no friend like a reader, and he was right. Thanks to everyone for favorable comments about Charon’s Ark. Volumes 2 and 3 of the Charon’s Ark tale are called Charon’s Children and Charon Is Coming. I hate multi-volume sci-fi novels, but my publisher bribed me into wrapping up the story. All three volumes of the Charon’s Ark “epic” contain all of my favorite things: Spaceships, aliens, robots, dinosaurs, brash adolescents, and sexy nice girls in their summer underthings. Read ’em and meet the Bigbirds, land a UFO in Seattle, shoot it out with the Proctor, watch Chela rob a bank and steal a truck, and see Eva not get what she deserves!

All three volumes of the Trilogy are now online as kindle downloads:
Charon’s Ark
Charon’s Children
Charon Is Coming

A planeload of high-school students, their teacher, and the airliner’s crew are hijacked in midair by an alien spacecraft. The aliens take them to their crazily-malfunctioning starship Ark, which we know as the planet Pluto and its moon Charon.

You can read the first chapter online at Amazon (just click on the cover image). Hope you like it enough to download it!

Charon’s Ark, Its Two Sequels, And My Life

I owe my readers an explanation of what’s going on with my novel, Charon’s Ark. The novel was published in 1987 by Del Rey Books. I began writing what I thought would be a single-volume sequel called Charon’s Children, but the story turned out to be so long that it required another volume named Charon Is Coming. While I was struggling to conclude this third book in about 1993, I was overwhelmed by personal problems. Thanks largely to the good care of the Veterans’ Administration, I was able to finish the last book around 2002. Now I am struggling to find a publisher for it. My friend Britt Griswold, who created and runs this website for me, stuck with me and supported me though the whole disaster. If Charon’s Ark ever gets published in its entirety, it will be because of him. I must mention my other buddy, a fellow Vietnam veteran. He forced me to realize I had to go to the V.A. He took care of me while I worked my way though the PTSD clinics and the compensation process. His name is John Watje. For him a special place is reserved in Valhalla, even though he will criticize how the place is run.

SPOILER WARNING: The following is a brief description of all three volumes of Charon’s Ark.

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