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101 Years Ago This Month…

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Well, here it is the 20s of July again, when, 101 years ago, the diplomatic hustle-bustle that led to World War I was going on. On the 23rd, the entire German foreign ministry and military ostentatiously ‘went on vacation’ to show the world that everything was okay and nothing was happening. Count von Mogo, an important official at the time, took off his heavy gold-braided and bemedaled uniform, combed his huge mustache, and really took off on vacation, under the impression that all the war talk and jitters were “Nur ein Wind von der Hüfte” as he put it. General mobilization caught Count von Mogo on the beach at Atlantic City. The Count was immortalized by a fast-thinking press photographer who clicked the famous shot of the count as he heard the news. Count von Mogo was wearing his favorite striped wool bathing suit and a straw skimmer; he was buying lunch for a young lady at a hot dog cart; his monocle is seen falling into the mustard. It was summer 1914.

A Charon’s Ark Teaser Trailer – A YouTube Invention

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YouTube makes Movie Vaporware the new everyman’s tribute for Cult followings. However my friend Eliott Glasser is not just any man! Here again is the wonderful little preview he made a while back of the movie that will never be made from my novel Charon’s Ark. Thank you Eliott, may you become famous and rich.

For anyone who is curious, this video refers to the novel Charon’s Ark, which you can get from Amazon.com. It’s a science fiction adventure about a bunch of high school students whose airliner is hijacked by aliens.

Still gets me all choked up.

Charon’s Ark Teaser Trailer

Ancient Egyptian Beer Brewer

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Mogo tells me that he’s overjoyed to hear that a few scraps of his old buddy Khonso-Im-Heb were found when archeologists discovered his tomb in Egypt. Khonso was the biggest beer brewer of his time when Mogo was the biggest beer drinker of HIS time. And great times they were! Mogo knew Khonso when his brewery was a one-jar operation in an alley behind the mummy works in Luxor. They knew Moses. One time Mogo and Khonso had to carry Moses back to the palace. All three were drunk as dung beetles, and Moses had to come back for his chariot and horses the next day. Moses told the two friends that he was planning to grow a beard and become Hebrewish, and was going to go on an exodus, and did they want to come. Mogo and Khonso laughed about that for years but Mogo later regretted it. He said he could’ve had a speaking part in the Old Testiment if he’d said yes. Mogo tells me that he felt guilty when he read that Khonso’s tomb was “discovered.” last year. He admitted he went to Khonso’s funeral beer bust but Mogo got so drunk he forgot where it was located which is why it had to be “discovered.” Here’s the article:


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